Some of the great online casino software developers

By | January 30, 2020

Casino software developers

To be a regular customer of an online casino means you enjoy the whole package. The whole package here refers to the games they provide, how easy it is to play them as well as the level of security when you log onto the site. It is important that gamblers have the same feel as real life casino games when they play online. When they do have this feel it means the casino is using really good software. Good online casino software therefore serves as an integral part of the success of a casino.

Some of the great online casino software developers online casino software

One of the major companies which develop high-quality software is Playtech. The company was formed in 1999 but is currently the world’s best gaming software provider and is even listed on the London stock exchange. It was the first to develop the online-gaming features which includes VIP ratings, comp-point schemes, access to game and transaction histories in real-time and also cutting-edge fraud-prevention tools. The introduction of “unified platform” by the company was its biggest development and this made it the biggest gaming company it is today. The “unified platform” feature allows players and operators to access several gaming activities using a single user account. This gives the players a higher priority than the casinos because with a single account, they can take part in a lot of games. In addition, Playtech software is also very reliable, secure, has multi-lingual platforms, superb graphics as well as high speed.

Another software developing company is CryptoLogic Inc., and was founded in 1995. It became publicly traded on the Canadian Dealer Network (CDN) just some few months after its establishment. Throughout the years, software innovations introduced by Cryptologic have redefined online gaming over and over again and these include multi-player games, live chat and custom browser windows. The “E-cash” system introduced by Cryptologic as well as being the leading force in internet security also makes the company one of the best in the industry.

Microgaming is another big online casino software provider. It was established in 1994 and has been very innovative to produce high quality products which have made the company maintain a good level in the software business. The company offers some of the biggest jackpots online and this jackpot network allows gamblers to participate in more than twenty progressive games that are available to all casinos powered by their software. This phenomenon has become the company’s trademark. There are about a hundred and sixty online casino software producers but you need to go for the best.

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