Rome casino playing terms and conditions

By | January 29, 2020

Rome casino

The as we have said before is a very ancient minded casino firm that provides online casino from up to 400 different games to a lot of gamblers all over the world. This firm has a very good name and legacy to protect, that is the reason why they have decided to make you know what you are going into always.

Rome casino playing terms and conditions terms conditions

They are not among those firms that will let you know you have flawed a rule only when you are caught. They have a well laid out set of terms and conditions that you are expected to read and understand before going into the gaming proper. What this means is that you can not get into any problems playing with them because almost every situation you might get into is captured in these terms and conditions and some of them are. Players under 18 years of age are forbidden from playing all games. Only countries with Government authorizations are allowed to play. There are no warranties when you play with them. their employees, licensed agents, distributors, wholesalers, media partners, retailers and their immediate families are not allowed to play real money games unless with authorization by the casino director etc.

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